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Q: What should I do if I have been drinking and the police pull me over?

Here are some quick tips to remember if you get pulled over by the police after having a drink (or more).

1. Absolutely do not be combative. The police officer is doing their job. It is not personal to them (unless they already know you). All you are doing is taking them out of any ideas of giving you a break.

2. Don’t be too thrown off if you do not pass those heel-toe and other sobriety tests. Odds are you will fail unless you are athletic and smart and sober. Few people are all three. Plus they can just give you other ones until you don’t pass. If it was me, I would not even try those.

3. Do not refuse a breathalyzer. Truth is, the police can have a search warrant pretty quick and draw blood anyways. Then you automatically lose your license for the refusal for a year. Although there are some limited circumstances where it may make sense to refuse, odds are strongly it is not yours.

You don’t have to answer questions. Repeat, you don’t have to answer questions.Unless the answer is “none”, not even to how much you were drinking or what.

5. Of course you should be monitoring your alcohol intake. If you have had too much, don’t drive. With the blood alcohol limits at .07 in Michigan, that is not that many drinks.

6. Call me (John Knappmann) if you have been arrested (as soon as possible). 734-709-9235. You want good representation. Now is not the time for a lawyer who deals in volume. Get the best.

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FAQ: What To Do If You Have Been Drinking & You Get
Pulled Over by the police