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Misdemeanors are divided up into two groups:

90 day misdameanors - city ordenance with a 500.00 dollar fine, with court costs are most sucessfull and easiest to expunge.

93 day misdameanors are more serious, taken on a case-to-case premise - it is also based on which city the misdameanor occurred. Some of these cases in certain cities would be considered as a 'city ordinance', 90 day misdemeanor. One way of checking to see if this is your type of misdemeanor is to check the ticket that was given to you. It would end with a 'OM' (meaning an 'Ordinance Misdameanor'​​).

You may now qualify to expunge assault & battery, larceny, shoplifting, trespassing and other misdemeanors and certain felonies.

You cannot expunge any felonies where life is a possible punishment sentence.

You cannot expunge traffic related records, such as DUI's, DWI's, OWI's.

You can not expunge sexual conduct records, such as rape or child molestation.

Take advantage of the new laws, making more people qualify for an expungement.

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Now you may qualify to expunge your felony or misdemeanor on your criminal record, even if you were previously turned down for an expungment!

There are brand new laws that just went into effect regarding expungements. It used to be that if you only have one misdemeanor that you could have it expunged. Recently in year 2015 it has all changed. Get a fresh start in life and call me, John Knappmann, to see if you now qualify for an expungement before the laws change again! There are statute of limitations and these time frames of opportunity can easily change.

Give me a call for a complimentary consultation and find out all of your options. Having a clear record can aid in employment opportunites and give you more confidence!

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