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"As I found myself in need of some legal help I chose Mr. Knappmann. I can’t express how good of a decision it was now! Not only was he always available to answer my calls and lead me in the right direction as we moved forward, he was also very proactive and super friendly as I needed him throughout the process. I would 110% recommend him and his team to anyone looking for help in the legal field. I huge thank you is in order to Mr. Knappmann and his legal team. That being said I hope I will not need his help in the future but if so you’re the man I’ll be calling.
Thank you sir!!!"

-Aaron P., Rockwood, MI

"I do battle against and work with some of the top finance lawyers in Boston, Manhattan and Miami and I can say with confidence that if John Knappmann ever sat for the Florida Bar, Massachusetts Bar or the New York State Bar he could easily run circles around these lawyers. I have personally known John Knappmann for almost 20 years and he is probably one of the best and most underrated attorneys in Metro-Detroit."   

-Steve D., New York, New York

“Mr. Knappmann kept me up to date on everything and was able to get me a deal without any points on my license. He was professional, prompt and prepared. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation.”

- Todd

“Mr. Knappmann is very professional with exceptional knowledge and skills as an attorney. He was very responsive to my needs and kept me informed with the legal process in a way I (as a layperson) could easily understand. I'd highly recommend his services!”

- Neil

“John was great through the entire process. He answered all of our questions (I even called him late at night one time). He is very knowledgeable and most importantly he gave us peace of mind during a stressful situation. The case was resolved to our satisfaction. We got our life back! I highly recommend him.”

- Jeff M.

“It wasn't until I was standing in the courtroom that I realized how much Mr. Knappmann meant to me with my case. Everything that he had told me was going to happen before that day had occurred just as he said, and then the opposing lawyer said exactly the things Mr. Knappmann predicted he would. But we were ready for them.”

- Fred S.

“I lost my Driver's License and needed partial restoration to get to work. I contacted John and he took care of everything. Court went just like he said it would. He got me restricted privileges and saved me from getting fired!”

- K.E.

“I thoroughly appreciate  how John has handled my case He was very responsive to my initial phone message, calling me back within 10 minutes, then spending the next 75 minutes discussing my case, which was all we needed. This quick response has not wavered, when I need to get a hold of John, he has always been there for me.

Wherever necessary, John has asked the right questions, putting me very much at ease in what I had perceived as a bad situation When we went to court John's knowledge and confidence showed, especially when he explained what was happening. This occurred when the judge requested further personal history of mine, which was more so the judge could understand more about me then to apply the information negatively to my case. John predicted this would happen and it did,  increasing the level of trust I already had in him. I am not familiar with how the legal system works, hiring John has allowed me to relax while I let him do the talking for  me."

"I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND John Knappmann and stand behind the excellent ratings I gave him. His fees are very reasonable, he is organized, has a very realistic approach, and an excellent work ethic too. John's years of experience in the Tri-County area are certainly a plus too.”

- Andy

"I've had the pleasure of knowing John for almost 20 years. In addition to being a wonderful human being, he is an outstanding lawyer. When we worked together, he would take new lawyers (including me) under his wing and train us in the things we didn't learn in law school--courtroom decorum, writing tips, and so on. Many lawyers are too competitive, too selfish, or just plain too mean spirited to do something like this but John was more than happy to share his expertise with us. John is hardworking, dedicated and trustworthy. If ever I found myself in a legal jam, I would not hesitate to contact this superior lawyer"
-Patti S., nn, Arbor, MI

"You have the right to remain silent and call John Knappmann immediately!    He is available 24/7 and a fabulous lawyer for all of your legal needs. John has an extensive background as a legal eagle including service working in the Wayne County Prosecutor's office. 20 years of excellence. I highly recommend him!"
-Cindy D., Trenton, MI

"Mr. Knappmann is an experienced lawyer, pleasant and agreeable, and an upfront and honest man. He goes out of his way to make himself available, answer your questions and lift a lot of stress. Overall, just a real pleasure to deal with. What’s more, he is fantastic at what he does! He potentially saved my career. Words can’t express my gratitude for what this wonderful man has done for me, both in the courtroom and out. For all this, he has my absolute highest recommendation. If you have any doubts, call Mr. Knappmann! He’ll take care of you. I know, because he took care of me."

​-Amir A., Wayne County, MI

​“I was a nervous wreck when I first talked to John Knappmann about my case. He helped me calm down. He even said, “Don't you worry, worrying about this is my job now.” Then he got to work and got me a very favorable outcome.”

- name withheld.

“I contacted Mr. Knappmann after seeing his high ratings in AVVO. They were right. He prepared some legal documents I needed. Very happy.” -name withheld.

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